Remote Photo Shoots

Do your photography projects need to go unfulfilled during this time of working remotely? No!

Oz, llc. has been doing photo shoots remotely for 20 plus years, when we faxed Polaroids to one of our clients who couldn’t attend shoots regularly.

With our remote photo shoots, we can help you create the quality images you need for your editorial needs and to help your clients maintain their brand.

Together we will develop a photo brief before the day of your shoot. This brief should be detailed and even more specific than usual to compensate for the distance. For shoots that require propping we will include a gallery of choices of props and surfaces prior to the shoot so you can start making choices for each of the images we will create together. 

On the day of the shoot, we will use email, phone and text or video conferencing with screen sharing to facilitate your shoot. One other advantage of remote shoots is we don’t have to work during normal business hours so if you need to shoot later in the day or evening, we can easily accommodate that.

Don’t let your photography needs go unfulfilled, use remote shoots to keep your images fresh.  

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